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  1. Yaquina Bay State Recreation Site

    Posted by Outdoor Project Contributor Tyson Gillard / December 28, 2012

    Home to the historic Yaquina Bay lighthouse, the Yaquina Bay State Recreation Site is located on the north side of Yaquina Bay, just opposite the jetty inlet of South Beach State Park.  Constructed in 1871, the historic lighthouse is notable for several reasons: it is Newport’s oldest structure, it Oregon’s only lighthouse with attached living quarters, it is the only lighthouse with a wooden structure, and it is Oregon’s shortest lived lighthouse.  Another lighthouse was planned for Cape Foulweather in 1873, but logistical difficulties led to its construction at Yaquina Head.  Because the

  2. In Search of Sandy Claws

    Posted by OCVA / December 26, 2012

    Our Oregon Beaches always rank high on the list of Best Beaches, whether that list is generated by a travel magazine or by traveler surveys.  However, one group of beach visitors cares naught about statistical data.  Man’s Best Friend only cares about one thing…finding Sandy Claws! I think that Sweetiepie found what she was searching for on Nesika Beach, a dog-gone good time!

  3. 26th annual Holiday Lights at Shore Acres State Park

    Posted by OCVA / December 19, 2012

    “a community tradition” – 300,000 lights (almost all L.E.D.) Thanksgiving thru New Year’s Eve – 4:00 – 9:30 PM every night (including Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Year’s Eve.  Walk-thru Display – All abilities accessible. Open Garden House with hot cider, punch, coffee and cookies! Ultimate Bed & Breakfast Raffle Information & Gift Center Open every night! More vibrant L.E.D. lights again were the hit…

  4. An Adrenalin Junkie’s Southern Oregon Smackdown Part II: Sandboarding versus Helicopter Rides versus Dune Buggy Riding

    Posted by OCVA / December 5, 2012

    This, the second of my two-part series on an adrenalin junkie’s tour of Southern Oregon, offers up three exciting adventures: sandboarding on towering coastal sand dunes, a thrilling helicopter ride, and yet another terrifying dune buggy ride. Which one of these rides do you think released the most adrenalin into my system in the shortest time? Sandboarding on the Oregon Dunes Lon Beale (a.k.a. Dr.…

  5. An Adrenalin Junkie’s Tour of Southern Oregon Part I: Dune Buggy Rides, Jetboat Trips, and Whitewater Rafting

    Posted by OCVA / December 5, 2012

    Southern Oregon’s natural beauty has given the region its well-deserved high ranking as a world-class tourist destination. But when prospective adventure visitors thumb through their guidebooks and surf the Internet to plan their southern Oregon trip, many close the books and shut down the computers, their heads swimming at the sheer immensity of their task. Southern Oregon teems with action-packed adventure tours and activities. Where…